Case Study: MediaTech Ventures Website

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As a Marketer and Visual Communicator that often works with entrepreneurs and startups, it is always my goal to align and enhance the brand through messaging. In the age of search engines, the web presence is an integral part of the brand and often acts as the sole point of reference for customer decision making. So, having the correct words … Read More

Preparing a Small Business for Expansion and Acquisition

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Problem Business A came to us with a locally established brand in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) industry. Like a lot of smaller engineering firms, it was named for its owner and had a good reputation in its hometown, but it was looking to expand beyond that. The owner was especially interested in developing the business to be an … Read More

Case Study: The Bommarito Group Brand Refresh

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The Bommarito Group is a pillar of the Central Texas architectural/engineering community. With more than 30 years of elegant, award-winning work, the company has gained a reputation for exceptional interiors and pristine design aesthetics. Gladiator Consulting partnered with the Bommarito Group to provide business development and marketing communications services, as well as a brand refresh, which included website and print … Read More

Case Study: ABRAXAS Technology Branding

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When developing ABRAXAS Technology’s brand, we asked the client to tell us who they wanted to be and what they wanted to bring to the outdoor advertising industry. We consolidated the brand story down to a group of key words, which became the building blocks of their brand. Logo The word “Abraxas” has made many appearances throughout Egyptian and Greek … Read More