Social Media Marketing: A Worthy Investment

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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you most likely know who your customers are. But do you know where they are? Half of the world’s population is online. An average of 80 percent of people follow at least one business on Instagram and 60 percent discover new products while scrolling through the platform. On Facebook, one-third of the users engage … Read More

Why do new entrepreneurs always get this one thing wrong?

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It’s certainly not for the lack of motivation or enthusiasm that many new entrepreneurs fall short in their new endeavors. No, when it comes to launching their businesses, there’s one area they most often get wrong — and that’s marketing. Ok, let’s be honest, marketing is a challenge even for established businesses. Even those who think they have a plan … Read More

How to Make Your Life Easier with Digital Collaboration 

Nakevia MillerBusiness Insights1 Comment

With utilization of virtual teams and freelance hires at an all time high, finding ways to seamlessly work together is paramount in today’s workplace. As a result, there is an unprecedented number of tools designed to connect us and make work easier, but if you don’t start with a clear communication plan paired with a solid understanding of how your … Read More

Strategy vs. Implementation: Which One Creates Productive Growth?

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You can have world-class implementation but without a strategy, how do you know it’s moving your company toward productive growth? First, let’s define productive growth by talking about what it’s not. I have seen numerous companies that have increased revenue without growing profitability, creating a long-term, sustainable business model, or even understanding the ramifications of development in their current configuration. … Read More